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Internet casinos - a beginners guide

Online Casinos - A Better Way To Play

Online Casinos can be great fun. Whilst you may not get the authentic atmosphere you'll find in a 'real' casino, there are several definite advantages when playing online.

You haven't got any other annoying players sitting over your shoulder
You'll be playing against 'random' systems - the way casino games should be played, so no longer will you have the unfair problem of a roulette dealer constantly trying to hit the same number(s) or avoid your section of the wheel
You can play when you like, in as much comfort as you want
No need to travel
You won't be thrown out for shouting at the dealer!

Choosing The Right Casinos

The real winners of online casino games are not the 'quick freebie hunters'. The real winners are players who find a couple of casinos they really like. But, most importantly, the real winners choose casinos who value and reward their regular and long-term players.

Don't just jump into the first online casino you find. There are many to choose from, so get some good advice first. Look through our Internet Casino Promotions page to find out which casinos are offering the best deals, best promotions, best 'welcome' bonus, etc.

If a casino is listed anywhere on this site then you can feel safe in playing there - we only list the few online casinos who have passed our strict criteria. You are also recommended to check out the internet casino list which you will find in the left column of every page on this site.

Getting Started

When you find a casino you like, go to the casino's "download" page. The casino may offer more than one software version, so select the version you prefer. You may need to enter your e-mail address so that you can receive a key code that is later needed to unlock the software the first time you play. Click the "download" button.

If you have already gotten a feel for the games and sense that luck is on your side, choose to play "For Real." Register to become a casino member by filling out the form.

Click on the casino "Cashier" to deposit betting money into your casino account. There are usually several deposit methods available (ie. credit card, PayPal, FirePay, Wire, etc), so choose the most convenient. With money in your account, you are now ready to pick your favorite games and head for the table. The fun's about to start...

Just For Fun

If you're feeling a bit nervous, or just want a more in depth look around the online casino before you shell out your money, then choose to play 'for fun'. Most casinos will offer a 'free play' option which won't cost you any money. You won't keep any winnings either, but you'll get a feel for how the games play and if you feel comfortable. For more information, see our Free Casino Games page.

Let the fun and games begin... good luck!