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If you have a website which attracts any amount of traffic (even quite a small amount), then you should give real consideration to promoting casino affiliate programs. There is serious money to be made.

Which casinos should I promote?

That is really up to you, but we would strongly suggest joining a casino-specific affiliate network rather than joining lots of individual casinos. With a casino-specific affiliate network, any small amounts you earn from each of the casinos that in network is added together to form one single, larger figure. Therefore, you are far more likely to reach 'minimum payment level' and actually see your commission.

Which casino networks should I join?

We really only recommend two: ReferBack and CasinoRewards.

Will I Actually Get Paid?

The gambling industry sometimes has a poor reputation (sometimes, deservedly so). However, both ReferBack and CasinoRewards have our full recommendation. The level of integrity and customer support offered to their affiliates is nothing short of excellent.

So how much can I earn?

Again, that is dependent on you. Both recommended networks provide a number of tools to help promote your site and generate sign ups. The potential for earnings is huge. The top earning affiliate with ReferBack earned $59,701.00 in August 2001. You get the picture...

How do I join?

Simply click these links. Each will open in a new window for you: